Automotive Conquest E-mail Marketing Can Work

Standard automotive conquest email marketing that targets proximity to the dealer and demographics doesn’t always work well. However, if you can target households based on currently owned vehicles, knowing the make, model, and year of the vehicle, you can capitalize on the source of sales trends. What’s in a household’s garage is the most significant predictor of what people will purchase next. Using this automotive conquest email technique can achieve lifts in sales up to 700 percent, depending on the offer competitiveness. So, how does your current email marketing strategy compare?

Why Does Conquest E-mail Marketing Sometimes Fail?

Traditional automotive conquest email strategies are notoriously challenging and unreliable. Sending out a vast number of marketing emails is, indeed, likely to result in converting some customers. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best or most profitable approach to take. Conquest emails won’t sell cars any more reliably than other advertising forms, such as billboards or Facebook ads. So more deliberate targeting using vehicle ownership is needed.

Why Is E-mail Marketing So Helpful?

Email, as a marketing channel, comes with a host of advantages that other types of media don’t share. There is no way of knowing how many potential customers saw your billboard. It is even more impossible to know how many of them showed any interest. On the other hand, you can know for sure when you use email marketing. You can see how many emails your company sent, how many people saw them, and how many clicked on them. You also know that people who clicked will see you repeatedly if you’re retargeting. Also, you’ll know exactly which actions they took when visiting your website. Therefore, you’ll have greater insight into the effectiveness of your campaign.

With this in mind, you can see how adding knowledge of the vehicles in a target household’s garage can change email into an efficient marketing strategy for vehicle sales.

Precise Targeting Is Key

When you can target based on known vehicle in the garage, it is possible to spend less, create more meaningful matches, and contact fewer people through precision. A precise strategy will have a greater impact on campaign ROI. So, how do you create this precise strategy?

You will need access to reputable data sources that collect both vehicle ownership data and email data the proper opt-in credentials.  There are quite a few options, but you should get estimated counts in advance and test when possible to verify the data’s quality and accuracy.

Improve Attribution with Better Capabilities

There are several email marketing strategies you can employ to boost your sales. Many dealers, auto groups, and OEMs rely on their customer data and look for individuals who match this customer base.

Acquisition email marketing helps to expand your reach far beyond these traditional customer sources. However, unlike a conventional automotive conquest email marketing campaign, when you can combine target geography, demographics, and automotive ownership, you have the recipe for greater success. Add to this email marketing optimized for viewing on mobile devices, and you double the benefits.

Having a well-designed email marketing strategy is the best way to achieve measurable results from your digital campaign. So, forget your basic conquest email marketing plan and, instead, benefit from a more targeted approach based on vehicles owned.