Online Advertising

Addressable Audience Targeting

We are experts in addressable audience targeting for online advertising. Access to proprietary 3rd party consumer data sources provides us with a universe of targeting variables.  Additional access to client 1st party data sources also lets us understand what buyers look like. Addressable online advertising allows us to target individuals and households across multiple online channels and use trigger variables like moving, refinancing a mortgage, having a second baby, and others, to understand purchase likelihood for items like new cars.

Addressable online ad targeting is also a great way to enhance direct mail and email campaign performance. As a result, addressable audience display ads provide economical impressions that generate 25-30% conversion improvement when added to other channels.

We build addressable audience segments and execute online advertising campaigns across search, social media, mobile, and major display ad networks.

Digital Advertising Capabilities


  • Integration of digital advertising into your overall strategy
  • Data Strategy – segment, target, and personalize your ads by target personas
  • Creative design by channel and devise
  • Digital channel selection based on performance and goals
  • Continuous optimization of ads
  • Measurement reporting for effectiveness
  • Specialization in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a variety of data platforms



PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising

Over 90% of online advertising interactions start with a search engine. Our managed search engine marketing can include pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) to help you reach more customers displaying the desired purchase intent for your products and services. We know how to deliver motivated customers who are ready to buy.

Tell us about your sales goals, we will research your local market, create, and continually improve upon campaigns that drive qualified traffic to your website or landing pages. We use Google and Microsoft-certified account strategists. We research and target the exact keyword search intent customers use to search for your products and services. Our process ensures your offer appears in top positions on Google and Microsoft search engine results pages (SERPs).

Re-targeting and Online Display

We enable Google Analytics Audience Demographics and Interest data for all of our Display customers so we can actually measure which Affinity Categories and In-Market Segments are the most likely to convert. We use data across the display network and the website to deliver a higher ROI for Display. Re-targeting allows us to “follow” your audience across the web. As a result, we can build your brand by detecting and serving ads to the same users who previously visited your site.