Online Advertising

Reach Precise Target Audiences with Online Display Ads

Online ad targeting can be quite a challenge.  It is easy to waste ad dollars on anonymous prospects that are not your target audience.  As a result, BLVD advocates online audience targeting at the name and address level whenever possible. 

online advertising with targeted addressable audiences

Online Ad Targeting with Addressable Audiences

We are experts in addressable audience creation for online advertising. Access to proprietary 3rd party consumer data sources provides us with a universe of targeting variables.  Additional access to client 1st party data sources also lets us understand what buyers look like. Addressable online ad targeting allows us to use trigger variables like moving, refinancing a mortgage, having a second baby and others help us understand purchase likelihood for items like new cars.
Addressable online ad targeting is also a great way to enhance direct mail and email campaign performance. As a result, addressable audience display ads provide economical impressions that generate 25-30% conversion improvement when added to other channels.
We build addressable audience segments and execute online advertising campaigns across search, social media, mobile, and major display ad networks.

Other Online Ad Targeting Options

There are many different ways to target an audience with online display ads. A specific strategy will depend on your objectives. These are additional online display targeting options. We also add many of these options to addressable targeting to further enhance online ad targeting.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual ad targeting serves ads on sites that offer a specific category or type of content. Therefore you are targeting groups of individuals likely to share demographic profiles and interests. Understanding customer journeys and the micro-moments that matter in those journeys is key to targeting the right message at the right time.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral ad targeting serves ads to individuals who exhibit a particular action or interest. A good example is vehicle shopping sites.  Therefore online traffic visiting these sites is a likely target audience for new vehicle purchases.

Pay-Per-Click Targeting

Pay-Per-Click online ad targeting uses the online search intent derived from keywords the consumer uses to searching online. BLVD performs an extensive search term analysis to identify the best keywords and strategically write online advertising. This ensures your offer appears in top positions in Google Adwords campaigns because it matches search intent.


Re-targeting uses cookies, a simple code to anonymously “follow” your audience across the web. As a result, cookies allow the advertiser to detect and serve ads to the same users who previously visited your site.

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