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Top Website Errors and How to Fix Them

website errors

Have you ever clicked on a link only to be greeted by a cryptic error message and a dead end? Website errors are the gremlins of the digital world, frustrating users and sabotaging your SEO performance.

Do Websites Have to Comply with ADA Guidelines?

ADA Guidelines

In spite of the fact that the ADA does not apply to private clubs and religious organizations, most websites must comply. The courts and DOJ have interpreted that ADA compliance is clearly mandatory for websites in two categories:

State or local government websites
Business websites


Website Uptime Monitoring, Why You Need It

website uptime monitoring

Websites can go down for a variety of reasons, which include hardware failures, DDoS attacks, or even instances of human error. In such cases, your company will lose opportunities to connect with your existing and potential customers or clientele.