Strategic SEO Services

Your online presence, no matter how beautiful, will never get noticed without strategic SEO Services. Search engines produce over 200 billion searches a month. There are over 230 million people who will be search engine users in the next year. No wonder 66% of marketers say their organic presence is their top marketing priority.

Applying these four strategic SEO levers to your content development strategy will help your business capture organic traffic for improved marketing outcomes: keyword strategy, on-page structure, backlinks, and technical audits.

Complimentary SEO Audit


Getting your website to rank in Google is harder and more competitive than ever. There are many factors such as on-page content, performance, social factors, and backlink profile that search engines like Google use to determine which sites should rank highest.

Get a complimentary SEO audit and comparison against two of your competitors. BLVD’s website SEO checker offers fast SEO analysis execution, JavaScript rendering, and breadth of feature checks.

We check Backlinks, Meta Tags, Robots.txt, and more. Helping to provide you with the actual steps needed to improve your site.



When we develop a website, we research your industry and competition for keywords. We look to see if a competitor has any focus on key search terms. We look to see what terms your consumers are using to search for your business and industry services.

It is not enough to stop there. We also need to know if your current website domain authority will allow you to compete for specific search terms. Sometimes it is necessary to find long-tail search terms that may be more niche and have less competition, in order for a newer website to compete against a more established keyword savvy website with high domain authority.

Keyword strategy is key to any website implementation and it is very important to have your new website pages rank for the correct keyword terms.


On-Page addresses the content on your site. Once we have the desired keywords identified, it is important that designated pages in your new website rank for these terms. Metadata in each page is set up accurately, and includes terms in a specific way, in order for this to be accomplished. Headline and subheadings also need to consider your keyword strategy.

Each page needs to engage the user and match the intent of their online search. Images need to have descriptions that match the content, and calls to action need to be placed to maximize performance. Each page has a job to do, we ensure they can perform their desired marketing function.


Backlinks are the best-known measure to improve your website authority. The more authoritative you are in the marketplace and on your website, the better chance you will rank at the top of search results for the keywords chosen.

The best-known way to improve authority is to have other websites with higher authority link back to yours. So basically, we are trying to have other business directories and industry sources reference your website and services.

Technical Audits

Technical Audits help to make your site crawlable, or easily readable, by the search engines. Does your website load very slowly? Can you view it on a mobile device easily? Is Google prevented from crawling and indexing your site properly? All of these technical issues and more can hamper organic marketing performance.

We make sure nothing is broken and that your website is functioning in an optimal fashion. This ensures that all of the marketing effort and design behind the creation of your website has the best chance to perform for you.

We provide an in-depth Diagnostic review of your site. The review uncovers opportunities to improve website traffic results. We help you correct the issues that prevent higher ranking for organic search. You get regular strategic reviews to ensure continued improvement.