Content Development

Content That Drives Traffic and Leads

BLVD offers a unique approach that enables articles to rank higher, drive traffic, and generate leads in any industry specialization. This is accomplished with a combination of content writing resources:

  • Writing expertise by professional journalists
  • Editing expertise by seasoned industry professionals (i.e CPAs, JDs, PHDs, and Doctorate level experts when needed)
  • SEO formatting, content structure, distribution, and backlinking

This unique content development combination allows your content to quickly rank higher in search engine results which drives more qualified traffic to your website and ultimately generates more new business leads.

Content Writing Expertise

Our journalists have over ten years of experience crafting content for law, medical (including dental), finance, guns/hunting, and OSHA safety industry products/services. Our content goes through a strict quality control process with at least two in-house editors reviewing everything before submission. Our writers are all native English writers with decades of journalism experience.

Editing by Professionals

We employ experts in each of our client specialized content areas. The team currently includes attorneys, CPAs, and medical professionals with advanced degrees from prestigious universities such as Harvard and Oxford. Depending on industry requirements, these professionals provide at least one of the edits in our two-stage editing process to ensure content accuracy.

SEO Performance

Our team understands Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means each article is optimized with keyword placement, subheadings, meta descriptions, meta titles, and all the other pieces needed to rank highly on google. We use industry-standard writing SEO tools such as SEMrush, SEO Surfer, Frase, and many others.

In addition, we do not stop at simply posting SEO-optimized content. Our content ranks high quickly because we further enhance content authority with search engines by syndicating and building backlinks. This tells the search engines that reputable sites are pointing to your content as a reference for the desired keywords/topic.