Email Marketing

Multi-Channel Email Marketing Capabilities

BLVD is a full-service email marketing agency. Our agency services include large and small-volume email blasts, email creative, email lists, and email append services. Above all, we provide access to a national database of B2B and Consumer data connecting postal addresses to email addresses. This enables our campaign lists to perform multi-channel campaign options and matching capabilities for improved attribution. As a result, our clients know how well their campaigns are working.

Our strategies provide cost-effective measurable campaign results for reaching both current customers and new acquisition customers. Let BLVD help you with your email marketing strategy.


Email Marketing Creative


We design your creative for mobile users. More than 51% of marketing email is viewed on mobile devices today. As a result, campaigns that are not designed and optimized for mobile get deleted without being read.

Effective email creative is simple, clear, and has the appropriate calls to action. From the subject line through to the landing page, BLVD email creative compels consumers to take action. Our greater Los Angeles area email marketing team has the skill and experience to help you draft the perfect message and, therefore, grow your business.



Acquisition Email

Acquisition email campaigns help expand reach beyond your customer base, grow your email lists, and increase sales. Therefore acquisition email is an extremely cost-effective way to reach large volumes of prospects with direct communications.

Reach larger target audiences by supplementing in-house email lists with our database of high-integrity double opt-in email addresses. For instance, target your audience by demographics, geography, behavior, automotive ownership, and income. Our best-in-class acquisition email marketing service capabilities protect your brand and delivery reputation by using BLVD’s permission-based distribution platform.

Our full scope of digital marketing agency capabilities enables us to integrate email marketing campaigns with online display retargeting, Facebook ads, and mail to influence and engage customer journeys. We help large and small clients efficiently reach a target customer through multiple channels.

CRM Email

Stay connected to your customers and respond to them at the moment that matters most. Our CRM tools allow you to track customer interactions and respond with email messaging.  In other words, a prospect’s real-time action elicits a real-time response with our CRM tools. Therefore, a click on a “Learn More” button can result in a relevant follow-up message to keep prospects engaged.

BLVD email append and permission pass services keep your customer email data accurate and compliant. As a result, compliant email append services prevent marketing messages from getting blocked or placed in spam folders.  Consequently, better delivery results maintain the integrity of your email sender reputation.