4 Email Marketing Best Practices You Should Understand

Did you know that 1.5 billion people use Gmail? That’s a lot of people to reach!

As a business, this presents to your brand a lot of opportunities to grow an audience. But without high converting email templates, you might not know where to start.

Don’t feel discouraged yet. This guide will teach you marketing best practices for emails. Read on and find out more:

1. Never Buy Contact Lists

The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation penalizes you for this practice. Also, the success of email campaigns depends on the open rate. This is not possible if you’re sending emails to people with no prior interactions.

Your email marketing campaign shouldn’t come from bought information. After all, the GDPR states that European recipients should give their consent before reaching out. It matters even if you are a U.S.-based company.

2. Think About Email Frequency

So, how often should you send marketing emails? Surveys say that 61% of email users prefer getting one promotional email per month. Only 15% say they are okay with receiving one each day, as long as it’s relevant.

To know the right frequency of emails, think about the nature of your products and services. For example, if you’re in the HVAC industry, you should send more air-conditioning emails during the summer. As for news agencies, sending daily emails are forgivable since people want to stay informed.

3. Clean Your Mailing List Regularly

Some email contacts won’t opt-out of your campaign but won’t open any email. While it’s easier to email as many people as possible, getting rid of your least-engaged recipients will improve your open rate. These people hurt your campaign and your ability to analyze the quality of your most-invested recipients.

That’s why it is important to remove people from your email lists if they haven’t opened your emails for a while. Do this regularly since it gives you a more accurate rate of opened emails. At the same time, it ensures your email campaign is free from people no longer invested in your email marketing articles.

4. Make Your Emails Personalized

Most recipients will ignore emails beginning with “Dear Member”. It’s tempting to address your email audience by their customer type, but it shouldn’t be at the front of your messages. Personalize your email greetings by using their first name.

Hiring professional email marketing services can do some wonders here. Professionals have excellent tools to determine who on your email list is active, what kind of content they respond to, and what time they are active.

Doing this makes the readers feel more invested right away. But you might feel like this is a tedious task, especially if your email list is in the hundreds or thousands. Thankfully, lots of email marketing tools allow you to automate this process, ensuring everyone gets a personalized version of the same email.

Learn Email Marketing Best Practices Today!

These are some tips to improve your marketing best practices. Use these to make your email campaign more likely to succeed in both the short and long run.

Do you need help marketing your business? If so, contact us today and we’ll talk about it. We’re a full-service email agency that can help grow your brand.