Marketing Strategies For B2B Executives In A COVID-19 World


As COVID-19 surges on without an end in sight, B2B marketers are back to the drawing board as we strategize for 2021. This year, it’s become more crucial than ever to adapt quickly as businesses’ needs shift by the day. Marketing strategies for B2B need to reflect a deep understanding of what businesses are currently facing as consumer buying patterns change.


An increasing focus on online shopping may be driving businesses into unfamiliar territory, especially in more traditional industries like automotive, where the supply chain may be transforming. New marketing approaches can help B2B companies provide value and set themselves apart.


Here are some powerful ways to gain new business and help companies adapt amid coronavirus.


Host Virtual Events

Businesses driven by referrals are suffering during COVID-19. If representatives aren’t meeting new people, work may be slowing to a halt. Inviting leads and customers to a virtual networking event can help business owners connect in a meaningful way from home.


Mimic the benefits of a trade show with virtual presentations and booths. Mix traditional content with COVID-19 best practice presentations to help companies adapt. Virtual conferences are a powerful way to position your brand as an authority and showcase your offerings in front of a wider audience.


Strategic SEO can help new companies find your event and get answers to the questions keeping them up at night.


Focus on Social Listening

Social media can help you gain a new perspective into where your industry is headed. A robust social listening strategy can put your business on the cutting edge of industry news and show how the competition is faring. Creating a strategy for LinkedIn and Twitter can help your business find growth pockets and predict how your industry will evolve.


Following key terms on social media can offer a well-rounded view of breaking news and direct customer feedback. Combine the insights gleaned from social listening with business data to see new opportunities. Be ready to adapt quickly and jump on creating content that repositions your offerings to new customer segments.


Become a Thought Leader

B2B marketing is going far beyond lead generation. Now, the most effective marketing tactics focus on building authority in a wider variety of spaces. B2B businesses need to broaden their scope and not just focus on only one or two industries.


As more of your customers look for solutions online, becoming the go-to resource can attract a whole new audience. More than ever, your customers need help with sales enablement and improving marketing outcomes. Creating new KPIs to reflect these new priorities can help you create exceptional content that sets your business apart.


Marketing Strategies for B2B Are Changing

It’s easy to get discouraged if your KPIs are trending low during COVID-19. However, as your customers’ needs and priorities shift, the best marketing strategies for B2B must transform as well. Looking at your business through new eyes can help you emerge as a thought leader during this tumultuous time.


SEO can help your business gain more attention and grow during coronavirus. If you’re looking to attract new customers, we can help you become a thought leader in your space. Reach out today to start improving your marketing outcomes!