4 Resolutions For Improved Auto Sales

Conquest Showroom Visits

Improved auto sales require an understanding of auto industry stats that tell us 78% of shoppers visiting showrooms buy a vehicle and 90% buy within a week of visiting the first dealership. Until now identifying shopping activity is limited to manual lead collection and anonymous online shopping activity.  Now there is a new way to detect these shoppers that will change marketing performance in 2018.

What if you can detect and identify the name, address, and email for a consumer showroom visit at a competitive dealer? As a result, you can now market to these people within 24 hours of their visit. Send them communications almost immediately with an offer to consider your brand instead.

We do this with proven communication cadences to showroom visitors. These touchpoints significantly impact auto sales for acquisition at the National, Regional, and Dealer level.

Don’t Forget Your Owners

Brand loyalty performance consistently hovers at 50% in the automotive industry.  That means half of your owners are not returning to buy another vehicle from you!  What if you can use showroom shopping detection on owners? Use this technology to prevent them from defecting to another brand. What will it mean to your bottom line to reduce defection by 1%… or more?

Showroom visits, paired with owner data, allows you to identify current owners of your brand that are detected shopping in a competitive showroom. Apply this same acquisition strategy to your vehicle owner base consistently in 2018 and watch owner loyalty and sales improve.

Low-Cost Communications

Timely low-cost communications are key to reaching both acquisition and owner shoppers effectively. Shopper leads provide targeting, but without the ability to implement timely communications, you will not benefit from the improved auto sales they generate.

A strategic low-cost cadence of email and online advertising directed to only the lead households is proven to be effective. Use the name, address, and email for each lead and reach these shoppers 24 hours after their dealer showroom visit. Depending on your situation and objective, communication touches are tailored to email, online display ads, and mail if necessary. Each cadence and channel strategy decision is made to support your unique objectives.

Stir Emotions

Offers are important, but the best campaign performance comes from clients who draw upon existing marketing content, married with proven incentive strategy.

We see a significant lift in Regional and Dealer efforts when the client leverages the same brand themes used Nationally. This way the target audience is already being tugged at their heartstrings by your National branding efforts. Now as they shop, consumers see complimenting and compelling communication with a specific offer.

Don´t get caught trying to reinvent creative for each campaign.  A consistent creative effort gets results when the audience is actively shopping. We already know these shoppers buy new vehicles at a rate of 19% over 180 days after a visit.