Lease End Campaign Improves Retention

Lease End Campaign

BLVD worked with a large Import OEM Captive Finance Company to identify lease end targets. The objective was to add communication to help convince lease-enders to stay with the brand. This case study provides the strategy we deployed to improve lease-end retention.

Beginning with the data, we collected surname, street address, and zip code from the client. This made up the target audience and was further segmented into vehicle types and lease expiration date. The OEM client continued the existing communication cadence through their monthly statements, inserts, and email efforts. BLVD served display ads ONLY to half of the target audience. Ad impression cadence varied during a six-month period. As owner lease termination got closer and/or they converted to a new lease or purchase, ads increased or decreased accordingly. The Ads had brand and model-level offers to stay loyal. We were able to produce a 25% improvement in lease-end retention to the brand.  This was compared to owners who did not see the ads.