The Top Email Segmentation Techniques for Your Next Campaign

About four billion people around the world use email on a daily basis.

People on your email list are being bombarded with emails every day. If you want your emails to have an impact, they need to appeal directly to each individual. Segmentation techniques will help you create more targeted lists that can lead to improved customer satisfaction and more sales. Keep reading to learn how to segment your market.

Basic Email Segmentation

Let’s start off with some basic email segmentation techniques. These are easy to do and can still provide you with great results. Some of the things you should be basing your email segmentation on include:

  • Location
  • How often they want to receive emails from you
  • Personal interests


These can be used by any type of business to provide a better experience for your email subscribers. Sending out emails less often to those who prefer to hear from you less will help you retain subscribers that you may otherwise lose.

Advanced Segmentation Techniques

Here are some other segmentation techniques that are more advanced but will help you break down your list into more targeted lists you can use to improve your marketing campaigns.

Lead Magnets

One way to segment your list is based on which lead magnet they used to sign up for your list. This will give you a good idea of what they’re interested in and is especially important if your business offers several distinct products or services.

Purchase History

When you’re doing a product launch, you don’t want to keep emailing people that have already purchased the product. This will annoy them and you risk losing people from your list as a result.

Through various integrations, you can set up your list to segment automatically when people make a purchase. This takes them off the product launch list so they won’t keep hearing about something they already bought.

Activity Levels

Another way to segment your list to retain visitors is to target those who are no longer active. When you see that certain subscribers haven’t opened a post in a while, take some time to send targeted emails to see if they want to stay.

In some cases, they may not be interested in what they initially signed up for. However, you might be able to get them into a different segment that has more value for them.

Customer Satisfaction Level

If you want to improve customer satisfaction, consider sending out a survey. Then, use those results to segment your list. For those who aren’t satisfied with your company, take the time to foster those relationships and find out what you can do to make them happy.

Get More Out of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Now you know a few of the ways you can segment your email list. As you can see, these segmentation techniques will allow you to better target each person on your list. If you’re not sure where to take things from here, check out our email marketing services. We can ensure that each part of your email list gets the information they need to be encouraged to buy more from your company.