How to Write Better Content with Search Console Insights

Google is always on the roll when it comes to updates and features. This summer, the company launched a new feature: Search Console Insights. It helps businesses produce blogs to gain traction and track the performance of their content. It allows businesses to gain insights into how the audience interacts with the content.

The information can help create killer content strategies that improve rankings and help generate greater revenues. Read on to learn more about Search Console Insights and how this tool can help you and your website.

What Can I Get From Search Console Insights?

Wondering how to write better content? Search Console Insights can help.

Content creators put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect blogs, articles, how-to guides, or case studies for their websites. Unfortunately, measuring the effectiveness of their content is not always easy. Google identified this problem and created the new insights tool to answer your queries by combining data from the Search Console and Google Analytics.

The tool can help you discover your top-performing and trending content pieces. It also provides insights into how people find your stuff on the internet and what they look up on Google before coming to your site. The in-depth analysis will also help you differentiate between articles that get direct visitors from your website and content. Understanding this information can be a game-changer for online businesses.

Who Can Access Search Console Insights?

Search Console Insights has been in beta testing for the past year. It was finally released on June 15, which means most websites can access it by now.

The new user experience is convenient and efficient. Content providers who don’t already have Google Analytics can utilize Search Console Insights, but Google advises that you link your Google Analytics property to the new tool to get the most out of it.

The only snag you might encounter is if you use Google Analytics 4. Currently, Google Analytics Universal (UA) is now supported by Search Console Insights. However, Google is already working on this problem.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you understand how to write better content with Search Console Insights, you are all set to get started and explore this amazing tool. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to your Search Console Overview page.
  • Select “Search Console Insights.”
  • In the iOS Google App, go to “Search Console Insights.”

Google also stated that it would add Android Google App support for Search Console Insights soon.

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This type of tool can help you build your business in new and interesting ways. It can help you see which content is the most popular and how people find it. Consequently, you can quickly and easily determine which content is most engaging and develop more of it to encourage people to buy your products or services.

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