Conquest vs. Retention List for Automotive Campaigns

conquest vs. retention for automotive campaign


As an automotive dealer, it’s often difficult picking which is better in the conquest vs. retention debate.


On one hand, you want to get your name out there to drive leads to your business. On the other, you want to retain your best customers as they keep coming back, generating more sales, and offering feedback.


When deciding between conquest vs. retention, automotive dealers should consider all the factors when developing their advertising and marketing campaigns. This includes everything from auto trends and loyalty rates to exploring strategies like email marketing, storytelling, and relationship building.


Where should you spend your auto dealer ad budget? In this video, we break down the topic of conquest vs. retention as an auto dealer.


By the video’s end, you’ll have a good amount of information needed to make an informed decision of why you’ll want to focus on the conquest side of the conquest vs. retention debate. You can also go here to our conquest-vs-retention blog post for more stats.

conquest campaign strategy

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